To all my fellow clefties, July is Cleft awareness month. The color of our Ribbon is Hot Pink, I just now found this out. 

July is our month, go and let everyone know that this is our month, tell people about it, don’t be scared anymore of it. This is our month. Who else gets a month to them selves like this? Come on, make this month great!!!

Lets get this out there and get it known!! Lets make a big movement!!



I could have sworn there was a girl in one of my classes that had a cleft lip. I got a little bit excited and wished I could go up to her and ask but I didn’t want to be weird :3


When I see someone that I’m like 90% sure has a cleft I’m like mentally going through how that interaction would go

Hey. So I see that you have a cleft.

It just so happens that I do too.

Do you want to, I don’t know, be best friends and bond over surgery stories and self esteem issues?

No? I just made you really uncomfortable? O-oh. Sorry. Okay. *backs away* Sorry *trips*

I’m just gonna… you know…. leave now *falls on face*

We need to collectively come up with a tactful way to announce that we are not pointing out your cleft to be rude or hurtful we are just trying to bond over our common ground please don’t be upset be friends <3

that’s really cute haha

if i ever see her again ill definitely ask!

I could have sworn there was a girl in one of my classes that had a cleft lip. I got a little bit excited and wished I could go up to her and ask but I didn’t want to be weird :3



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For all of us who have ever felt, and still feel this way.

Idk I was just thinking about the lyrics to Let It Go, and thought about how I never talk about my cleft to anyone like I pretend it’s not there.  

thewaterbendingmaster asked:
I'm 21 and have recently finished up all of my surgeries for having a cleft. I just wanna say, for anyone else who has one, it gets better. I know that growing up, going through so much, it's awful. It can feel overwhelming and aggravating. But I promise it gets better. Because you'll make friends who look past it, who love you for you and all that you are. And once you get there, it's beautiful. Hang in there, warrior. You have an incredible story, past and future. You got this ;)

Thank you so much for taking the time to send this message, it means everything :’)

And I hope anyone else reading this feels the love too. So blessed to have all of you guys here supporting each other 

Reblog this if,


Reblog this if you have cleft lip and or palate and are willing to share surgery experiences and it’s okay if I message you, please!

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After seeing the selfies on the cleft lip tag, all I gotta say is that you are all soo cute!! It makes me want to squeeeee ^_^



Hey everybody I made a Project For Awesome video this year!  The charity I am promoting is Operation Smile!  I’ll post a link for voting on Dec. 17 and I would SO appreciate if you voted for my video!  Thanks!

Hello there



Although I’m pretty much done with all my treatments, I decided that I wanted to create this blog anyways. I’m not yet comfortable enough to talk about it on my main blog so I created this one instead, but I thought maybe I could also offer some advice too?

I chose the URL smilelikesimba because my mum thought I looked a bit like Simba due to my lip.

I wish I had the opportunity to start this blog 9 years ago where all my experiences were still fresh but I guess it’ll do for now

Always glad to have another cleftie blogging <3

Welcome to the tumblr family!

thank you for the warm welcome! :D